Real Life to Online Time Conversion

Overnight my life as a student went from traveling to different studios studying voice, piano and improv theatre to five footsteps, in my pyjamas, to our studio [ok, second bedroom] at home.  With voice and piano lessons (one-to-one), not much has changed for me or my teachers. Engagement and productivity is still quite high. AnContinue reading “Real Life to Online Time Conversion”

Six Good Words that really help

Illness, disaster, the unexpected. Anything can happen – any time. When ‘stuff’ goes down, the people it affects get busy. They’re dealing with it. For us looking on, we can feel helpless and say pretty useless things, but we’d love to do something. The questions and offers can go something like this: If you needContinue reading “Six Good Words that really help”

Six Good Words – more or less…

My earliest memories are of my dad inventing stories late at night to put me to sleep. The stories were full of colourful characters, unsuspected twists and opportunities for me to imagine and add or take the lead. Hearing stories led into reading stories – aloud – my dad with his finger on the recordingContinue reading “Six Good Words – more or less…”