2022: Make It Count

How great would it be that everything you do in 2022, you “make it count”? 

New Year’s Eve Resolutions. I’m not a fan. Twenty years ago, I started following this little exercise – it was working for me. It was this:

  1. Before midnight on New Year’s Eve, write all the things/ideas/feelings I am ready to be free from or part with – with no harm to others [please, no desiring someone ill or dead, it’s just asking for a whole bunch of trouble – “you pick up one end of the stick”, and all that].
  2. At midnight, burn the list (safely) and watch until these ‘things’ go up in smoke, safely.
  3. After midnight until 4th January, write all the things/feelings/circumstances/experiences I want to attract into my life as if THEY ARE ALREADY HERE – write stuff in the present. 
  4. Put list away somewhere safe and go about life. Maybe after about 6 months, check how I’m going on my ‘attraction’ game… the result is usually “Oh Wow!”.

You can breathe now. That was a long one.

Recently, I sat zoom-chatting to a new friend, Erin. Talking about everything, including New Year’s Eve shenanigans. Erin and I agreed that doing things like this set us up for the year in a way “Resolutions” have never done. She’s been doing something similar.

Erin’s ritual is way simpler.

“I come up with a short phrase that kinda governs my year and everything I think and do in it.”

Her phrase from the last year was Make It Count.”

Imagine that. Every time I go to do something, start something, stop something… I stop and ask myself, can I make it count

That was Erin’s phrase. How could I get my own phrase? I could think about how I really annoyed myself this year. Second-guessing decisions. It’s made stuff really hard and, well, pretty boring! My phrase could be:

“Go with my first idea”. Or do I need to think about that? OMG, see what happens? Right, I might need to get a jumpstart on this New Year’s Eve phrase. I’m adopting this now.

What’s your phrase for 2022? I’d LOVE to hear. Email me at hello@sixgoodwords.com or share in comments below.

Whatever you’re into, MAKE IT COUNT. I’m going with my first idea.

Thanks Erin 🙂 

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