Six Good Words?

I’m Australian who had no intention of ever leaving my birth place permanently. That is, until 2001 when my world changed forever.

I took myself to small town in central Italy to study Voice. In my third week, I met my husband. It took a few years to work out where we’d live but in April 2004, I returned to Italy and set up my new life with loads of enthusiasm, a little fear of the unknown and zero Italian.

Living and working in Italy since 2004, I’ve come face-to-face with my communication limitations. These limitations were originally linguistic, like you’d expect. I also discovered my communication style needed work. Too many words, in any language, and the message becomes diluted.

Progressing from teaching into training and presenting roles, I needed to become more specific and economic with words. This is what I’ll share with you on this blog. Six good words, more or less, to communicate better.

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