Six Good Words – more or less…

My earliest memories are of my dad inventing stories late at night to put me to sleep. The stories were full of colourful characters, unsuspected twists and opportunities for me to imagine and add or take the lead.

Hearing stories led into reading stories – aloud – my dad with his finger on the recording button of a ‘Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86’ styled device. Later, together with my brother and sister, we’d listen to each other’s interpretation, consider some feedback from dad then record again.

Now I’m on the creative end – telling stories – written, in song and improv theatre. After reading Greg McKeown’s ‘Essentialism’ the idea for  ‘six good words‘ started brewing: Less Words, Better Outcome.

Welcome to ‘six good words‘. Here I’ll share short phrases or questions to communicate with less, but better.

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